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Chem-Pro Poland is created by people with experience in the widely understood chemical industry. Our goal is to provide the high-quality products to customers combined with fast delivery times and professional support.

A qualified, experienced and dynamic Team is one of the main elements of the company’s success.

We work with leading producers from around the world and provide services for key European clients.

Credibility, integrity and honesty are the values that guide us in cooperation with our clients and business partners.

We create the future and provide solutions for the chemical industry


Chem-Pro Poland offers a wide portfolio of high-quality products, timely delivery, professional service and competitive terms of cooperation.

Our offer includes a wide range of raw materials, intermediates and chemical products used in many branches of the chemical industry.

Our production activities are focused on products for disinfection.

In order to familiarize with our offer, please contact us or:


    Chem-Pro Poland Sp. z o.o.
    Ludwika 17,
    40-176 Katowice, Poland
    VAT no.: 9542844236
    KRS no.: 0000987492
    REGON no.: 522868734

    Mobile phone: +48 513 168 651

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